How Charlotte Van Horn is making cross-cultural connections with Black Expats in Panama

We're taking you on a Virtual Voyage to Panama, and in this episode, I'm talking to the dynamic (and hilarious!) Charlotte Van Horn.

She is a pioneering expat who experienced the gift of international travel at 40, and it forever changed the trajectory of her life.

Fast forward to today and Charlotte is the founder of one of the fastest-growing Black expat communities in Latin America: Black Expats in Panama with over 7,000 members.

In this conversation, we're talking about:

  • What inspired Charlotte's decision to Blaxit and make Panama her home full-time.
  • How she maintained a long-distance marriage across international borders. (She's been married for 30 years!)
  • How she adjusted to living in a new country and why she decided to start Black Expats in Panama.
  • Why Charlotte believes Panama is a great country to start or continue one's Blaxit journey and how the Black Expat in Panama community offers new expats a soft place to land.
  • The abundance of Black history in Panama and how she's illuminating it all with cultural immersion relocation tours.
  • The harsh realities of expat living that aren't discussed widely enough on social media.
  • Why Black expats should be collaborating (instead of competing) during this critical time in the Blaxit movement.

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