Tax Tips for US Expats: Stress-Free Filing with Tax Strategist, Sandra Morno

Meet Sandra Morno, the US Tax Strategist Helping Take the Stress Out of Tax Time for Expats

Sandra started her expat journey in 2018 from Miami and has since lived between Central and South America. Today, she's a globe-trotting US tax strategist helping expat entrepreneurs take the anxiety out of tax time while optimizing their finances so they can continue living their best lives abroad.

Also In This Episode:

  • How she was able to structure her life to make an international move
  • Why she chose to live in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • The #1 tax myth she has to debunk among her US expat clients
  • The tax breaks US expats should be looking out for
  • Why she believes so many people don’t file their taxes
  • The major piece of advice she has for expat entrepreneurs who want to manage their money better.
  • Her thoughts on the Blaxit movement
  • Where she’s headed next on her nomadic expat journey.

...and so much more.

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