Another great migration is underway.
Witness it first-hand through the eyes of Black Expats.

Black Expat Stories documents the journeys of Black Expats living all over the world - one conversation and one unique story at a time. We're redefining the narrative of travel, showcasing the diversity of Black diasporic experiences and reshaping perceptions of international living.

We're a far-reaching community of global wanderers, culture bridgers, wisdom sharers, and trailblazers. So, whether you're an aspiring expat planning your move abroad or a seasoned traveler seeking kindred spirits, this is your digital home.

Here the roots of our shared cultural identity run deep, yet our branches span continents. We revel in the power of personal narratives - those that motivate and prepare future expats; those that resonate with the well-traveled seeking global connections; those from digital nomads blending work, travel and purpose; and those that validate the joys and growing pains of building lives abroad.

The stories we share are accounts of personal evolution, unexpected connections, and 'ah-ha' moments that reshape perspectives. They are stories of discovery and wonder, but also of very real challenges overcome. Through intimate, unfiltered conversations, we find camaraderie and a profound sense of being wholly seen and understood, reminding us that the world is as richly diverse as the global Diaspora we hail from.

As the Next Great Migration gains momentum, we strive to bear witness and capture modern history in the making. With each new story, new adventures and possibilities await. With each new narrative, the landscape of possibilities expands.

Wherever you are in your journey, know you have a home. Together, let's shine light on the paths ahead and take purposeful steps toward the borderless world we have the power to create.

Meet the Host

Courtney Bowden a writer, media scholar, and entrepreneur who is committed to showcasing the beauty in the Blaxit by amplifying the voices of Black expats pioneering the movement.

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Recent Episodes

May 09, 202400:01:27

SNEAK PEEK: Why Black Expat Stories Exists | Our Host, Courtney Bowden on NPR's 1A

Why are so many Black people leaving the United States? Does that make them expats or immigrants? What’s the difference and does it matter? 🤔 Our host, Courtney Bowden, answers these questions and more on NPR’s 1A radio show. She also shares her journey abroad, why she chose to relocate to Mexico, ...

May 08, 202400:01:28

SNEAK PEEK: Why Are So Many Black People Leaving the U.S.? | Our Host, Courtney Bowden, on NPR's 1A

Why are so many Black people leaving the United States? Does that make them expats or immigrants? What’s the difference and does it matter? 🤔 Our host, Courtney Bowden, appeared on NPR’s 1A radio show to share her journey abroad, why she chose to relocate to Mexico, her perspective on the Blaxit mo...

March 26, 202400:35:57

Ep. 6 - Tax Tips for U.S. Expats: Stress-Free Filing with Tax Strategist, Sandra Morno

Black Expat Stories is an ethnography series documenting the stories of expat pioneers at the vanguard of the Blaxit movement. If these conversations resonate, please be sure to LIKE & SUBSCRIBE to our channel so you won’t miss another Black Expat Story! Meet Sandra Morno, the Argentina-b...

March 08, 202401:06:20

Episode 5: Adalia's Roadmap to Financial Freedom & Travel & Why It's Never Too Late To Change Your Life

Meet Adalia Aborisade, a financial educator and solo travel expert who empowers other women with the financial confidence to move abroad and live on their terms.

February 21, 2024

Episode 4: How Zoe Smith Is Creating An Eco-Conscious Community In Grenada Through the Exodus Collective

In this episode, Zoe takes us through her journey of returning to her ancestral home in Grenada to start afresh after feeling unfulfilled in the London rat race. Today she leads the Exodus Collective - an eco-conscious village inspiring others in the Diaspora to reclaim the Caribbean. 

February 05, 202401:25:02

Episode 3: How Chrishan Wright Turned Her Blaxit Into a Platform of Possibilities with Blaxit Global

Originally from the Bronx, Chrishan is now based in Lisbon, Portugal, and is the founder of Blaxit Global, a podcast and digital community that empowers other expats, aspiring expats and re-pats with the resources they need to make their own bold moves abroad.

January 22, 202401:19:51

Episode 2: How Charlotte Van Horn is making cross-cultural connections with Black Expats in Panama

We're taking you on a Virtual Voyage to Panama for a lively conversation with the dynamic (and hilarious!) Charlotte Van Horn. She's the founder of one of the fastest-growing Black expat communities in Latin America: Black Expats in Panama with over 7,000 members.

July 04, 2023

Episode 1: Jas McNeil's Expat Journey, the Haus of Vibes & Making History in Mexico

Jas McNeil is a Florida native breaking barriers as the first Black woman to own a recording studio in Mexico. She's the founder of the Haus of Vibes, a co-working and recording space located in Playa Del Carmen, MX.

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