How Zoe Smith Is Creating An Eco-Conscious Community In Grenada Through the Exodus Collective

Meet Zoe Smith, a Grenadian Brit Building Community in the Caribbean

In this episode, Zoe takes us through her journey of returning to her ancestral home in Grenada to start afresh after feeling unfulfilled in the London rat race. 

Today she leads the Exodus Collective - an eco-conscious village inspiring othersin the Diaspora to reclaim the Caribbean. 

In This Episode:

Zoe shares:

  • What life was like as a Black Brit and her experiences with discrimination.
  • When she realized the UK would never allow her or her children to truly thrive
  • How she moved across continents as a single mom of 3 minor children. 
  • The responses she received from her extended family when she informed them of her decision to move from London to Grenada
  • How she and her children are adjusting to island life.
  • The responsibility she feels to her ancestral lands in Grenada
  • Her vision for the Exodus Collective as a model of sustainable, decolonized living in community

Zoe also offers sage advice for those still considering their own exodus to the Caribbean.

Connect with Zoe & The Exodus Collective:

Read Zoe's Article in the Guardian referenced in this conversation:

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