Meet the Host

At the heart of Courtney Bowden’s career is a passion for storytelling and a commitment to catalyzing change. With over 15 years of experience, she has emerged as a dynamic force in the realm of marketing and communications by elevating Black voices and narratives. Her journey encompasses a dynamic blend of entrepreneurial innovation and creative pioneering, driven by her unwavering dedication to revolutionizing how the Black Diaspora is depicted in media.

Courtney's expertise, both broad and deep, spans critical media analysis, strategic communications, and innovative brand positioning. Her unique approach combines academic rigor with creative flair, leveraging the latest in digital media tools and trends. This synergy has positioned her as a sought-after strategist for Black thought leaders, major brands, Fortune 500 corporations, and respected nonprofit organizations.

Distinguished by a decade of dedicated collaboration with Black entrepreneurs, leaders, and Black-owned brands Courtney's work goes beyond enhancing impact and revenue; it aims to catalyze societal transformation. Her innovative strategies in digital marketing, content creation, and media production don’t just succeed – they revolutionize.

Courtney's latest creative endeavor, Black Expat Stories, epitomizes her commitment to telling underrepresented stories. This digital ethnography project spotlights the Blaxit movement by chronicling the lives of Black expats worldwide. As the host of the accompanying podcast, Courtney delves into intimate conversations with pioneers of this New Great Migration, bringing their stories to the forefront with empathy and insight.

Her professional and creative pursuits are grounded in a strong academic foundation. She earned a Bachelor of Artis in Communications and English Literature from Denison University, as well as a Master of Arts in Media Studies from The Pennsylvania State University. This educational background equips her with a critical and informed perspective in media and communications

Beyond her professional pursuits, Courtney finds joy in reading, creative writing, and exploring new cultures through travel. She resides in the the Riviera Maya region of Mexico, a place where the lively and rich local culture constantly fuels her creativity. Here, alongside her husband and beloved beagle, Courtney continues to create and curate narratives that resonate, educate, and inspire.

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