Ep. 6 - Tax Tips for U.S. Expats: Stress-Free Filing with Tax Strategist, Sandra Morno

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Meet Sandra Morno, the Argentina-based U.S. tax strategist who is helping expat entrepreneurs take the stress out of tax time so they can continue living their best lives abroad.

Connect with Sandra: https://www.ssbmconsulting.com/ & https://www.linkedin.com/in/sandramorno-taxexpert/

In this conversation:

[00:00:18]: A Warm Welcome: Sandra shares the catalyst for her expat journey.
[00:02:31]: The Art of Letting Go: The secret to Sandra's international leap
[00:01:24]: Why Buenos Aires?
[00:09:36]: Early Hurdles in Expathood
[00:11:01]: How Sandra navigates local life and forging connections in her new location.
[00:16:46]: Sandra demystifies the complex world of expat taxes, offering a lifeline to those lost in the fiscal maze.
[00:20:45]: Sandra tackles the biggest tax myth head-on, illuminating a path to clarity and peace of mind for US expats.
[00:21:55]: The psychological barriers that keep many from their tax duties, and how overcoming them can reclaim years of financial freedom.
[00:18:53]: Sandra shares her top financial management tips, arming expat entrepreneurs with the tools to thrive abroad.
[00:25:00] Sandra reflects on the Blaxit movement's deeper significance and what excites her about the Next Great Migration
[00:32:47] Get a glimpse of Sandra's next chapter in Mendoza, where tranquility, wine, and mountains promise a refreshing shift from the bustling life in Buenos Aires.

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