Episode 5: Adalia's Roadmap to Financial Freedom & Travel & Why It's Never Too Late To Change Your Life

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Meet Adalia Aborisade, a financial educator and solo travel expert who empowers other women with the financial confidence to move abroad and live on their terms.

Connect with Adalia: https://pickygirltravelstheworld.com/ & https://www.instagram.com/pickygirltravels

In this conversation:
00:00:00 Meet Adalia
00:01:24 Adalia’s catalyst for moving abroad
00:04:18 Making the move with her 15-year-old daughter
00:09:28 Adalia's family's response to her decision to move abroad
00:16:54 What financial freedom means to Adalia
00:26:32 Adalia's experience during the COVID-19 outbreak in China
00:38:12 Adalia's approach to safety as a solo traveler
00:40:42 How taps into the community and surrounding cultures
00:50:51 How she balances interactions between local and expat communities
00:55:33 Adalia's advice for those considering a move abroad
00:56:31 Lessons Adalia wishes she had known before starting her expat journey
00:58:14 Adalia's thoughts on the Blaxit movement and its momentum
01:01:39 Adalia's concerns about the Blaxit movement
01:04:51 Where to connect with Adalia to learn more

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